Topics Discussed;

The Covid script progressing as predicted, The Coronavirus vaccine roll out, The capitol debacle, Dumb ass right wing Trumptards, The ridiculous “Q” psyop and it’s purpose, People still falling for psyops and the divide and conquer technique, What would be done about secret societies in an anarchistic society, How to resist the mandatory the Coronavirus vaccine, My top five favorite MC’s, My take on Donald Trump, How we would protect ourselves from foreign invaders in an anarchist society

Topics Discussed;

Freedom For All Podcast – Episode #15 – Dr. Larry Palevsky

‘Conversation With A REAL Doctor’

Topics Discussed;

Dr. Palevsky’s background, How Dr. Palevsky witnessed the medical field drastically change over the past 3 decades, Doctors and nurses practicing protocol rather than common sense, Dissecting the actual symptoms being related to the coronavirus, The possibilities of what the illness being called the covid-19 could be, The substances being used to cure the illness, The silencing of doctors speaking out, The dangers of the experimental covid vaccine and how it could possibly effect the body, The blind religious devotion of the population towards government, mainstream science and the medical field, Fauci being involved with ‘Gain Of Function’ research on coronavirus, The proof of the covid-19 debacle being a manufactured event, The difficulty getting through to the willfully ignorant populace, Forming resistance within our communities, Dr. Palevsky’s take on the future of humanity and final thoughts

Dr. Larry Palevsky’s Website –

Topics Discussed;

Dominic’s awakening process, The ignorance of Natural Law is the root from which all of the chaos and tyranny stems from, The knowledge the population must take in, Most anti-lockdown protesters being confused authoritarians, Where people can begin to take in the knowledge of Natural Law, Dominic’s take on the future of humanity, Playing our role as teachers of Natural Law, Dominic’s final thoughts

Dominic Tremblay’s Website –

Topics Discussed;

How unbelievable it is that people are STILL asleep in 2020, How the population should not be viewed as victims of the mind controllers, How people have to Be WILLING at some level to allow themselves to be put into a state of unconsciousness, It is a choice to remain in the state of consciousness that most people are in, How painfully obvious the agenda is, The ineffectiveness and out right stupidity of mask wearing, The Coronavirus vaccine madness, People’s willful ignorance of the dangers of vaccines, How the people who by into the Coronavirus narrative and demonize the “anti maskers” and “anti vaccers” are the REAL threat to society and people’s well being, It doesn’t matter how deadly of a disease there is or what catastrophe our rights can never be legitimately restricted or revoked if we have not initiated harm against others, Not wearing a mask or taking a vaccine does not constitute harm or putting peoples health in jeopardy, How mask mandates, lockdowns, curfews and mandated vaccines are just symptoms of the problem, The belief in “authority” which comes from the ignorance of Natural Law is the root of the problem, Most protesting against the lockdowns are not true freedom advocates, Understanding Natural Law is THE ONE AND ONLY SOLUTION, 3 things everyone that knows what is currently taking place should be doing

Recent interview I did with my dude Francesco Sani. We get into my awakening process, the current tyranny taking place under the guise of the coronavirus, the nihilistic worldview of so called “truthers” and how we need to get out of negative/doom and gloom thinking and get angered into action!

Topics Discussed;

Jay being a victim of satanic ritualistic abuse as a child, Jay’s satanic/dark occult family origins, The version of history Jay was given from his family, The possible cataclysm that took place in the year 960, How the dark occult possibly took over after the cataclysm while the survivors were in shock and traumatized, Humanity not understanding what they truly are spiritually, How we are unconsciously co-creating our shared reality, Consciousness and the holographic/virtual reality we are experiencing, What we are as divine beings, How our reality really works, Meditation, How we ourselves are to blame for our condition, Trauma based mind control done unto children by the dark occult, How people need to undergo deep introspective work on themselves to deprogram, How all the universe expects of you is to try

The Center Path Youtube Channel

Dr. Bruce Lipton’s Website

Gregg Braiden’s Website

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Website

Physicist Thomas Campbell’s Website