New podcast coming this month with me and Ivan Oyola called “Sanitizing The Insanity”, where once a month we will be recapping the main headlines of the month and approach each issue from a truly anarchistic stance on the foundation of Natural Law principles (how they should be viewed) and provide clarity to the madness of our world. Subscribe to my email list to be notified when the show is released.

Topics Discussed;

John’s awakening, John beginning to engage in the Great Work, About John’s new book “Handbook On The Powers That Should Not Be” and websites, How one individual can make an impact, People who have educated and inspired John, Internet censorship, How we need a loud voice of truth to over power the lie, People playing their part defending truth and freedom now while we still stand a chance

John Litteral’s Website

Topics Discussed;

The correct definition of anarchy, What anarchy is not, government being the big beast of horrors that believers in government fear would occur in an anarchistic society, Getting through to statists, The cognitive dissonance in the minds of government advocates, Human nature, Understanding the occult mind manipulation of our world and why it is peoples worldview is flawed, Having a holistic understanding of Natural Law, anarchism and the occult, The self defense principle, Protection in a free society

Ivan Oyola Jr’s Website

Francesco Sani’s Website

Dominic Tremblay’s Website

Topics Discussed;

The Covid script progressing as predicted, The Coronavirus vaccine roll out, The capitol debacle, Dumb ass right wing Trumptards, The ridiculous “Q” psyop and it’s purpose, People still falling for psyops and the divide and conquer technique, What would be done about secret societies in an anarchistic society, How to resist the mandatory the Coronavirus vaccine, My top five favorite MC’s, My take on Donald Trump, How we would protect ourselves from foreign invaders in an anarchist society

Topics Discussed;

Freedom For All Podcast – Episode #15 – Dr. Larry Palevsky

‘Conversation With A REAL Doctor’

Topics Discussed;

Dr. Palevsky’s background, How Dr. Palevsky witnessed the medical field drastically change over the past 3 decades, Doctors and nurses practicing protocol rather than common sense, Dissecting the actual symptoms being related to the coronavirus, The possibilities of what the illness being called the covid-19 could be, The substances being used to cure the illness, The silencing of doctors speaking out, The dangers of the experimental covid vaccine and how it could possibly effect the body, The blind religious devotion of the population towards government, mainstream science and the medical field, Fauci being involved with ‘Gain Of Function’ research on coronavirus, The proof of the covid-19 debacle being a manufactured event, The difficulty getting through to the willfully ignorant populace, Forming resistance within our communities, Dr. Palevsky’s take on the future of humanity and final thoughts

Dr. Larry Palevsky’s Website –

Topics Discussed;

Dominic’s awakening process, The ignorance of Natural Law is the root from which all of the chaos and tyranny stems from, The knowledge the population must take in, Most anti-lockdown protesters being confused authoritarians, Where people can begin to take in the knowledge of Natural Law, Dominic’s take on the future of humanity, Playing our role as teachers of Natural Law, Dominic’s final thoughts

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