Topics Discussed;

Polar’s background, Polar’s favorite Mc’s, How hiphop has been degraded, How music and movies are used to socially engineer the population, How we create our reality, The responsibility of musicians to serve the truth, How every person has a roll to play in this battle for our freedom, Internet censorship and the dangers of censoring speech, Projects Polar is currently working on

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Topics Discussed;

Relentlessly hammering the truth of Natural Law into people’s minds, How we need to be united on Natural Law principles first and foremost as a movement and as a whole, Where most people’s minds are at in the so called “freedom movement”, The mindless shit heads who work in the “healthcare” profession, Making an example out of a fake ass libertarian, What true anarchy is yet again, The poisoned worldviews of most people in the alleged “freedom movement”, How there is only ONE true form of anarchy under Natural Law

New podcast coming this month with me and Ivan Oyola called “Sanitizing The Insanity”, where once a month we will be recapping the main headlines of the month and approach each issue from a truly anarchistic stance on the foundation of Natural Law principles (how they should be viewed) and provide clarity to the madness of our world. Subscribe to my email list to be notified when the show is released.

Topics Discussed;

John’s awakening, John beginning to engage in the Great Work, About John’s new book “Handbook On The Powers That Should Not Be” and websites, How one individual can make an impact, People who have educated and inspired John, Internet censorship, How we need a loud voice of truth to over power the lie, People playing their part defending truth and freedom now while we still stand a chance

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Topics Discussed;

The correct definition of anarchy, What anarchy is not, government being the big beast of horrors that believers in government fear would occur in an anarchistic society, Getting through to statists, The cognitive dissonance in the minds of government advocates, Human nature, Understanding the occult mind manipulation of our world and why it is peoples worldview is flawed, Having a holistic understanding of Natural Law, anarchism and the occult, The self defense principle, Protection in a free society

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