Topics Discussed;
The ‘One Great Work Network’ of content creators, Beginning the great work, The dark occult preist class that runs the world, The knowledge of the occult, How people have been dissuaded through mind control and religion to not look into occult teachings, Doing the shadow work upon the self, Developing true self love and care, Understanding true objective morality, Moral relativism and atheism in the “freedom community”, The existence of inherent rights in nature, The observable science of Natural Law, How we collectively create our reality through the gift of free will in conjunction with the behavioral Laws of consequence

How free can you be if you are abusing drugs or alcohol? How conscious can you be? Is the harm that you are causing yourself causing harm to others? I am joined for the first time ever by Johnathan Wright from the ‘Nothing New Under the Sun’ podcast and a returning champion Joe Murray from the ‘Freedom for All’ podcast to really start to dive deep into this topic. Other topics included in this discussion: Firearms and self-defense, karma, reincarnation, dietary restrictions under natural law and objective morality.

Joe Murray joins us on Wake the Dead to discuss his music and inspirations. Joe is an anarchist hip-hop artist who shares the truth in his music. Born in a long line of musicians Joe has taken his talents and applied them to the Great Work. With one of his 3 minute songs you can share huge chunks of knowledge with the world. His lyrics focus on the principles of sovereignty and self ownership, with a healthy dose of ‘wake the fuck up’. Included with the interview are many original songs by Joe Murray. Please Enjoy…

Sean McCann