Topics Discussed;

Ivan’s awakening process, People who have educated and inspired Ivan, Ivan’s “Truth, Mind, Reality Conference” organizing experience, Objective morality, Our inherent Rights, The illegitimacy of government, The psychology of statists, The obfuscation of language and truth, The lesson the universe is beckoning humanity to learn, Allegorical messages in movies and t.v. shows, Putting down all of the irrelevant conspiratorial rabbit holes and putting freedom first, Ivan’s predictions of the near future, Ivan’s final thoughts and solutions

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Topics Discussed;

Matt’s awakening process, The fakes and phoniness in the so called “truth” movement, Chemtrails, The California Fires, Trump and “Q” yet again, Creepy ass Joe Biden and the shit show of this years election, The possibility of a civil/revolutionary war in the near future, The Covid-19 scam, Understanding our inherent natural God given birth rights, Natural Law, How the controllers try to deflect their karmic consequences, the social credit system, A possible technological dystopian nightmare future ahead, People getting on the battlefield and playing their part in this war, How we can still turn things around if enough of us choose to, Matt’s final thoughts

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Topics Discussed;

Vinny’s awakening process, People who have educated and inspired Vinny, The covid-19 scamdemic and how blatant of a false flag operation it is, Jacinda Ardern’s gigantic tyrannical teeth, Vinny’s support for the NZPP, Growing resistance in NZ, The Trump/Q’anon psy-op again, The beginning of some sort of awakening taking place, Playing your part by doing whatever you could to expose and resist the control system, People needing a good punch in the face every now and then, Stop waisting your time on shit heads that aren’t going to change their minds, Peoples lack of true care, Vinny’s final thoughts

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Topics Discussed;

DISL’s back story and awakening process, Putting out a real message through hiphop, The current state of human consciousness, Doing the work upon the self, Individuals that have inspired DISL, The “Q” psy-op, The war on drugs, Moral principles of drug usage, The moral obligation to spread the truth, The level of consciousness humanity must rise to collectively to obtain true freedom, DISL’s final thoughts

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