The Right To Bear Arms

Topics Discussed;

Understanding the non aggression principle AND the self defense principle, The right to use deadly force against aggressors, The inherent right to bear arms of any kind, How background checks and permits constitute infringements on our right to bear arms, The publics level of consciousness pertaining to self defense and bearing arms, The real cost of “gun control”, The true meaning of the second amendment, The actual definition of a “Well regulated militia”, Firearm statistics by state, How restrictions on firearms of any capacity consequently leads to an untold amount of violence and death in society, The dismantling of the family structure in society being essential for the control system, How people abdicating their personal responsibility to defend themselves and their communities to the state inevitably leads to totalitarianism, The REAL enemy of humanity and why the populace should never surrender their right to bear arms

Ivan Oyola Jr.
Francesco Sani
James Cordiner

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