All Rise

All Rise – Joe Murray, DISL Automatic & Polar Tha White

Produced by Joe Murray & DISL Automatic

Instrumental By – Dreamlife Beats


Joe Murray

The revolution won’t be televised

The media will still be sellin’ lies

To get your eyes off the uprising and keep you ill advised

They felonize the truth, inprison those who leak it

Demonize who speak it

And confuse those who seek it

Get deceived with all the psyop’s they propagate

To try to co-op the way the movement’s headin’

Yea, learn how they operate

They lock the gates on those who could see the exit

And try to warn the rest

That’s the name of the game in this plane, it’s all a test

For the soul

On this quest we enroll

Every lesson we grow

And have an effect on the whole

That’s what they keep occulted

The knowledge to keep the sheeple

closed in their pen

As they’re creepin’, cloaking their nature

Scheming, provoking

Keep an open eye to your side and your ear to the streets

Beware of the beast out to mark you if you dare to sleep

So I wear my piece with every outfit, I’ve been made up my mind

If shit goes down these mother fuckers will never take me alive

All Rise!

DISL Automatic

the government has given us too much reasonable doubt. the burden of proof will always be on them. they will always be guilty until proven innocent in the court of the people. all rise!

ayo ya leaders have betrayed ya

with their devious behavior

the media’s a way for them

to legally enslave ya

people say that they believe in jesus as a savior

but they trust the government

and they don’t even trust their neighbor

that aint’ christ like

christ is revolutionary

yeah you heard me clearly 

and that’s word to virgin mary


time that we rise just like jesus

to fight the usury and all the rulers who deceive us

don’t believe us?

good! as long as you think critically

and keep an open mind to the endless possibilities

the system is corrupt that ain’t a mystery

if you trust the government

you must not know the history


Polar Tha White

History exposes, that if you are not related to so-called royalty or persons in high positions of authority, your ancestors and yourself have probably lived under tyranny executed by fear, confusion, and  psychology…. 

God gave us Freedom

Not these demons in an avatar

Recognize your sovereignty 

Protect it with a battle scar

Live your life peacefully

But give these tyrants hell

Conforming to the system, is like prison,

In the cell,

They’ll lie and decieve

Murder and discredit

Extort and blackmail, is highly

To their credit, 

I’m never off the rocker

I’m just higher than a soccer 


Ill kick these wicked suckers off their mother fucking wrecking ball

Stock your mind with knowledge

And your pantries full of edibles

Watch the politicians , cause 

they the ghastly  criminals

Never trust the media

Argue if you like

But Ill work with what God gave me

Cause the afterlife is nigh, motha fucka

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