Conversation With A REAL Doctor

Topics Discussed;

Freedom For All Podcast – Episode #15 – Dr. Larry Palevsky

‘Conversation With A REAL Doctor’

Topics Discussed;

Dr. Palevsky’s background, How Dr. Palevsky witnessed the medical field drastically change over the past 3 decades, Doctors and nurses practicing protocol rather than common sense, Dissecting the actual symptoms being related to the coronavirus, The possibilities of what the illness being called the covid-19 could be, The substances being used to cure the illness, The silencing of doctors speaking out, The dangers of the experimental covid vaccine and how it could possibly effect the body, The blind religious devotion of the population towards government, mainstream science and the medical field, Fauci being involved with ‘Gain Of Function’ research on coronavirus, The proof of the covid-19 debacle being a manufactured event, The difficulty getting through to the willfully ignorant populace, Forming resistance within our communities, Dr. Palevsky’s take on the future of humanity and final thoughts

Dr. Larry Palevsky’s Website –

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