Soul-utions To The Tyranny

Topics Discussed;

How unbelievable it is that people are STILL asleep in 2020, How the population should not be viewed as victims of the mind controllers, How people have to Be WILLING at some level to allow themselves to be put into a state of unconsciousness, It is a choice to remain in the state of consciousness that most people are in, How painfully obvious the agenda is, The ineffectiveness and out right stupidity of mask wearing, The Coronavirus vaccine madness, People’s willful ignorance of the dangers of vaccines, How the people who by into the Coronavirus narrative and demonize the “anti maskers” and “anti vaccers” are the REAL threat to society and people’s well being, It doesn’t matter how deadly of a disease there is or what catastrophe our rights can never be legitimately restricted or revoked if we have not initiated harm against others, Not wearing a mask or taking a vaccine does not constitute harm or putting peoples health in jeopardy, How mask mandates, lockdowns, curfews and mandated vaccines are just symptoms of the problem, The belief in “authority” which comes from the ignorance of Natural Law is the root of the problem, Most protesting against the lockdowns are not true freedom advocates, Understanding Natural Law is THE ONE AND ONLY SOLUTION, 3 things everyone that knows what is currently taking place should be doing

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