Know Thyself

Topics Discussed;

Jay being a victim of satanic ritualistic abuse as a child, Jay’s satanic/dark occult family origins, The version of history Jay was given from his family, The possible cataclysm that took place in the year 960, How the dark occult possibly took over after the cataclysm while the survivors were in shock and traumatized, Humanity not understanding what they truly are spiritually, How we are unconsciously co-creating our shared reality, Consciousness and the holographic/virtual reality we are experiencing, What we are as divine beings, How our reality really works, Meditation, How we ourselves are to blame for our condition, Trauma based mind control done unto children by the dark occult, How people need to undergo deep introspective work on themselves to deprogram, How all the universe expects of you is to try

The Center Path Youtube Channel

Dr. Bruce Lipton’s Website

Gregg Braiden’s Website

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Website

Physicist Thomas Campbell’s Website

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