An Honest Look At Human Consciousness And Where It Needs To Be Pt.2

Topics Discussed;

The irrelevance of voting, How you have no right to vote, How people need to understand why government is inherently illegitimate, How people need to stop legitimizing the system by participating in it, Withdrawing your support for the state, Helping others to understand why government is immoral, How a massive shift in consciousness through knowledge is required in order to achieve true freedom, How the willfully ignorant public have no right to be as dumb and as ignorant as they are, People having no right to believe whatever they want, People having no right to remain ignorant of what rights are, How a truly enlightened population could never be enslaved, How alot of people are too far gone and will not be able to wake up in this lifetime, How the love and desire for truth and freedom has been socially engineered out of the population, People being afraid of true freedom (even those in the freedom movement), How true freedom is dangerous, The nature of human beings being programmable, The 2 flawed worldviews most people subscribe to, People being either too left brained or too right brained imbalanced, How the neither the physical nor the spiritual realm take precedence over each other, Where the belief in “authority” comes from, Where the “divine right to rule” comes from, The old world order and the new world order, How the ancient ruling bloodlines still rule this world, How the rulers are satanists and dark occultists, What the occult actually is, How the global control system is structured, What the ideology of satanism actually is, The four main tenants of satanism, How most of the population are defacto satanists and have no idea, How the rulers gave the population a watered down version of their religion, The four major religions of this world holding back human consciousness, Who and what we really are, Consciousness and the metaphysical universe, The illusory nature of reality, How we decode our reality, How we are all one, How our individual life experiences effect the whole of creation, The suppression of our true spiritual nature being the basis for the whole conspiracy

Straight From The Horses Mouth

David Icke – Awaken

Mark Passio – Cosmic Abandonment

Mark Passio – Demystifying The Occult Pt.1

Mark Passio – Demystifying The Occult Pt.2 – Satanism And The Dark Occult

The Double Slit Experiment

Cymatics – Bringing Matter To Life With Sound

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