Government Is A Religious Cult

Being right in line with episode #9 and even further elaborating on many points I was trying to drive home to people, I decided to put this conversation out which I already had scheduled with Etienne De La Boetie’2 this week and will put out part 2 of last weeks episode next week. 

Topics Discussed;

Anarchism/Voluntarism, The obfuscation and demonization of the word ‘Anarchy’, How the system is set up to control perception from cradle to grave, Government being intergenerational organized crime, How government is a religious cult, How the population gets indoctrinated into the religion of statism, How the world is ran by dark occultists/master phycologists who have employed ancient cult indoctrination techniques upon the population, Statist propaganda in Hollywood films, Who Etienne De La Boetie was, How the Federal reserve and government milk the wealth out of the population, How society could operate without a state, Government thwarting the progress of human consciousness and freedom, Getting involved and doing SOMETHING, ‘The Free State/Pre State’ projects and ‘Thick Red Line Project’

Etienne De La Boetie’2 Website

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