An Honest Look At Human Consciousness And Where It Needs To Be

Topics Discussed;

Taking a different direction with the podcast, The ‘Freedom For All Podcast’ will no longer be put out at a set day and time, The announcement of my new full length album, Human consciousness (including the so called truth movement) being absolutely in the shitter, How we are collectively creating our shared experience, How we are not getting to the causal factor level of where our reality is being projected from, Living in opposition to Natural Law is our entire problem, Natural Law, Objective morality, What our natural birth rights actually are, What wrong immoral actions actually are, The real seven deadly sins, Government is an immoral institution and transgresses against Natural Law by definition, How government is actually funded, Why taxation is extortion, Why there are no good moral people within government, Refuting the “necessity” of government, What it truly means to be an awakened and enlightened being, How evil can win

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