Natural Law, The Law Of Freedom

Topics Discussed;

The correct definition of Natural Law, True objective morality, Why morality is objective, Natural Law being the only TRUE solution, Moral relativism and atheism in the so called “truth and freedom movement”, Natural Law transgressions, How all wrong doings are a form of theft, The two pillars of enlightenment (the non aggression principle & self defense principle), The rejection of the self defense principle in the alleged freedom and spiritualist community, Parents not properly morally educating their young is one of the main reasons for humanity’s condition, The destruction of the sacred masculine aspect of consciousness in society, The distinct difference between violence and defensive force, How the police and military and government supporters are humanity’s true enemies, The difference between murder and killing, The right to KILL, How we treat the animal kingdom collectively gets reflected back onto us, How people do not have the right to remain ignorant of Natural Law, objective morality and rights, How peoples ignorance of Natural Law directly impacts others negatively, Movie allegories which contain Natural Law principles, How more people NEED to learn and teach Natural Law

For the best in depth explanation of Natural Law watch Mark Passio’s Natural Law Seminar

Ivan Oyola Jr’s Website

Francesco Sani’s Website

Nathan Riddett’s Youtube Channel

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