Sky’s The Limit

Produced By Joe Murray
Instrumental By Sinima Beats


I hope that we can find sunrise
Paint the sky
I hope that we can find sunrise
Paint the sky

Looking back at how far that I came
From all the heartache and pain
And dwellin’ in the darkness
Till something sparked in my brain
And it was plain to see
The world was blind by the way it was trained to see
And my hunger to seek the truth
Brought about the change in me
And amazingly I saw the light
And how we were all sold a lie
Separated and segregated all to fight
And that there’s more to life than what you perceive
But if you’re stuck in what you believe
Then you’ll always be reluctant to see
And what you put out is what you’ll retrieve
And if our thoughts are wrong
Our behaviors will be
And what we’ll receive is a whole planet strugglin’
Sufferin’ from greed
Suckered to believe
That we must surrender our liberties just to be free
When subsequently we see the opposite
And it’s time to accept the consequences of the reflection of our collective consciousness
So drop the nonsense and the walls that got your mind imprisoned
It’s time to rise my people
Sky’s the limit

I hope that we can find sunrise
Paint the sky
I hope that we can find sunrise
Paint the sky

Now it was always common sense to me
That this wasn’t the way shit was meant to be
My whole life all I wanted was for the rest to see
Our destiny’s not to land exceptional nine to fives
Strive to consume happiness you’ll eventually die tryin’ to buy
Divided by the fault lines of race and religion
Which makes us imprisoned in this matrix and slaves to the system
It’s time to make a decision
We’re at a fork in the road
How much more can we go
No more talkin’ it shows
Just look how crazy shit has gotten
Seems like love has been forgotten
Or it’s soon to be
Come on the opportunity is knockin’
It’s only a choice between fear and love
And what we care enough about we’ll manifest
The universe works fair enough
And freedom has a price
It requires sacrifice
And us beginning to do the right thing in all that we do for the fact it’s right
So no stake in the outcome
All that matters is if you played your part as long as you were in it
And the sky is the limit

I hope that we can find sunrise
Paint the sky
I hope that we can find sunrise
Paint the sky

“We really have reached our moment of choice, where we’re either gonna choose truth and freedom or continue to comply with all the fuckin’ tyranny they’re throwin’ at us and lose what little freedom we have left. Cus this system ain’t gonna stop its push for totalitarianism, and we only have a small window of opportunity to turn shit around but the opportunity exists nonetheless. It’s only a matter of will. What are we willing to do? How far are we willing to go to protect the lives, rights and freedom of our family, our friends and those that we know and love? And we’re gonna have to come to terms with the fact that unfortunately, shit is gonna get alot worse before anything changes for the better, and that’s only IF enough of us choose to take action and do the work that needs to be done. The choice is ours, the time is now.”

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