I’m reluctantly reaching out for some financial help. I’ve recently been going through some financial hardship and have been struggling to complete my album due to lack of funds, on top of that, my microphone and the interface for my mic to be connected to my computer broke… I know everyone is struggling at the moment due to the actions of our beloved governments worldwide, but anything you guys could spare, if you have it, would be greatly appreciated. So unfortunately, my album will be put on hold until I get back on my feet and purchase the equipment that I need. I apologize for the long wait and not being able to release my album in the time frame I had announced. Hey, shit happens I guess… On another note, I’ll be resuming the ‘Freedom For All Podcast’ very soon and a new episode of ‘Sanitizing The Insanity’ will be out in the next week or two, so stay tuned.

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I was interviewed by James Cordiner on the ‘Hitchhikers Guide To Truth’ podcast. We got into current events, the importance of understanding Natural Law, battling addictions, my new album, the power of truth through art and music and people getting involved in doing the great work. Be sure to check out the rest of my boy James’ podcasts on Spotify or follow him on Minds.com https://www.minds.com/james_cordiner/